Johnson Farm

The Johnsons did not know about the “Mormons” until their son came back from a trip announcing that he had joined the Church. The Johnsons were intrigued, so they called their pastor and read the Book of Mormon together.


After reading the Book of Mormon, they knew that it was true and took the trip to go see Joseph Smith at the Whitney Home. It was about an hour drive in our car, so probably a full days journey back then. That is where they met him and Sister Morley’s reumatic arm was healed. They joined the church while visiting.


After living on the Morley Farm for six months, the Smiths moved to the Johnson Farm. They had their own room here, and they even had their own entry way for those that came to visit.

Many of you know the story of Emma losing her twins in child birth and adopting the Murdock twins. When the twins were still young. This is where Joseph Smith was taken out by a mob in the night and tarred and feathered. One of the twins was sick and died soon after, partly due to exposure the night the mob came in.


This was his office upstairs. D&C 1, 65, 67-69, 71, 73-74, 76-81, 99 and 133 were received here.



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