Morley Farm

Six weeks after arriving to Kirtland, Joseph Smith moved out of the Whitney home and onto the Morley Farm. This was kind of a gathering place for the Saints when they arrived to Kirtland. Here they built a school which was somewhere around this spot.


D&C 107 and 134 were received at the school, and many were received at the Morley Farm. These are D&C 45-40, 52-56, and 63-64.

This was the path that people would arrive to the farm on. This was the equivalent of a freeway nowdays.


On the side of the path is this big tree, one that is thought to be old enough to actually have been there during that time period.


Little G instantly fell for this cute Senior Missionary. She did not want me, only him. And she would only take her dads hand if she had the Elders hand first. I think she needs more of her grandparents in her life. hint hint…




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